Asia’s Move to Neuilly Leads to House Damage

Moving to Neuilly, Asia breaks the house

20 mars 2023


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Asia, Guillaume Linton, Indonesia, Virginie Gerbault

The tour operator Asia has left its historic premises on rue de Lisboa to now move to Neuilly sur Seine, in the Hauts de Seine department. Last Thursday, about forty guests were invited for a nice housewarming party under the sign of the resumption of tourism in Asia, friendship and conviviality.

Small precision from the outset for the sad spirits: Non Asia does not sell the family jewels to inflate its cash, the premises of the street of Lisbon, like those elsewhere of the street Galande previously (above the agency) were both rented.

« We were obviously very attached to our premises on Rue de Lisboa (for 24 years, editor’s note), indicated Guillaume Linton, the president of Asia, but this move does not call into question the foundations of our personality, it redistributes the cards of our daily work landscape in the service of our travel agency clients« .

And to clarify that the date of the rack is not trivial. It was indeed exactly three years ago that the President of the Republic announced on television the complete closure of the borders of the Schengen area.

And three years later, to the day, Asia is celebrating perfectly open borders and a once again triumphant Asia, culminating last week in the reopening of China to international tourism.

« The recovery is herecontinues Guillaume Linton, since September 2022 and more specifically since the resumption of tourism in Japan last October« .

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Asia thus regains its historical ranking of leading destinations: Japan, followed by Indonesia in terms of business volume, which precedes Thailand and then Vietnam.

« During the pandemic Asia will have repatriated more than 700 customers from around thirty destinations in Asia Pacific says Virginie Gerbault, the Production Director.

« Our new premises bear the colors and spirit of our founder, Jean-Paul Chantraine, and all the values ​​that are dear to us. concludes Guillaume Linton.

Interview by PR

Asia : 13 rue Madeleine Michelis
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine

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