Ashour: I faced a smear campaign because of my thanksgiving Al-Sheikh

Hossam Ashour, a former Al-Ahly player, confirmed that he faced a smear campaign from an official in the Red Club because he thanked Turki Al-Sheikh, the former honorary president of the Red Castle.

In statements published by Majdi Abdel Ghani on his official page in an interview with Ashour at the Professional Players Association headquarters, the player said: “I was able to play, but I accepted Al-Ahly’s offer and decided to retire.”

Ashour added: “What spoiled the retirement match plan drawn up by Al-Ahly club with Turki Al-Sheikh was the failure to send a formula for a letter of thanks from the club to the former honorary president.”

Ashour continued: “All that happened is because I thanked Turki Al-Sheikh, and Jamal Jaber, the media official in Al-Ahly, launched a smear campaign against me on social networking sites, but I thanked Al Sheikh because this is normal with everyone who provides you with a service.”

And the former Al-Ahly player added: “This was the beginning of Turki Al-Sheikh’s anger and he has every right to do so, but I thanked him regardless of any problems between him and Mahmoud Al-Khatib or the club’s board of directors, because this is what I learned from my father.”

The Al-Ahly player ended: “I refused to leave Al-Ahly a lot. I could get 10 times what I was getting, but I preferred to stay. I was missing 4 or 5 tournaments to become the most crowned in the world, but some consider this too much for me and refuse to happen.”


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