Ashley Tisdale of “High School Musical” is UNKNOWN! Do you remember her? (IMAGES)

Ashley Tisdale she became known to a wider audience in the early 2000s, when she was actually a little girl. It was then that the Disney series was most successful Musical high schoolwhose Tisdale was one of the biggest stars. The blonde singer actress plays the role of the stereotypical and spoiled young woman of a wealthy house obsessed with pink. Sharpay Evans’ character turned out to be a bull’s-eye and ensured fame for the artist for the next few years.

Career over time Tisdale slowed down and the star decided to focus on family life. More than a year ago, her first daughter was born, a daughter Jupiter Iris French. Quite recently, Ashley has become noisy due to the praise of the law $ 6 million the transaction in which he sold his Hollywood residence to an internet phenomenon – Madison beer.

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In short, at 37, Ashley has good reasons to celebrate and can still count on attention. Last Sunday, while she was walking alone in the streets of Los Angeles, she was busted by the paparazzi. Despite her rather unusual style (gray tracksuit, tight shorts and athletic shoes), her celebrity exploded with enthusiasm. However, there is no denying that it has changed significantly since we last saw it.

See how Ashley Tisdale’s beauty has evolved over the years. Would you meet her on the street?

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Unrecognizable? Without exaggeration

wtf, what’s inside unrecognizable xd?

Poodle .. don’t overdo it anymore

I may seem less sure of myself … but no one is photographing me hidden from view.

I thought in my chin it was Klaudia Halejcio 😦

Latest comments (82)

Actually, it hasn’t changed 🙂 I remember how as a kala girl I wanted to have a pink skirt like Sharpey from High School Musical 3 🙂

No makeup, enough.

Maybe he has problems with the thyroid gland, because his figure is relatively slim, only in the neck area has something happened?

However, Ashley is even thinner than Ewa Farna and Kasia Nosowska

Without exaggerating, your whole life won’t look like a teenager

and what does the owner of the box look like? Apparently it looks like a reversal, sorry, a reversal

Plastic surgery in mc donald heheheh Komorowska also went through this

She looks the same, except she’s without makeup and I think she’s got fat on her face. The news sucks.

This is the everyday aspect of most women, not all of them are painted like “walls” and not all of them have time for fancy hairstyles. As for the actress, she looks normal, only in sweatpants and no makeup. Oh, the whole thing.

Like any American, she is obese and sloppily dressed.

in the last photo she looks like Blania L.

just an unfavorable photo

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