Ashley Graham shares souvenir photo of her birth in the water

The end of the year periods are conducive to nostalgia, and especially in pictures! During this month of December, many Instagram users have played the game of “show us a picture of …”. It is then up to the subscribers to request a moment of the private life of these said people. A large number of celebrities are fond of this new tradition! We have seen stars like Léna Situations, Kylie Jenner and Ashley Graham adopt it with great sincerity.

It is precisely the sublime model Ashley Graham who shared one of the most extraordinary photos of this challenge, this December 30.

A magnificent transparency

One of the 33-year-old’s subscribers asked her to post the moment she’s most proud of. It is with a splendid shot that Ashley reveals to the whole world an unforgettable memory: the birth of her son Isaac Menelik Giovanni, born on January 18, 2020. We see her, accompanied by her husband Justin Ervin in a small swimming pool filled with water, her baby in her arms. They are both happier than ever.

The young mother decided to bring her son to life naturally in a water bath. A magnificent childbirth that Ashley is proud to show her subscribers. Being a strong woman and always honest, she does not hesitate to show her daily life in the most brilliant of sincerities.

The young plus size model is famous for her transparency. Icon and reference of the positive body, she has no trouble revealing her sublime shapes and fighting for their acceptance. Always natural, she is a star who shows herself as she is, with or without her dark circles!



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