ASECS awareness on Instagram about World Health Day

In your account, the Sevillana Association of Health Sciences Students (@ asecs.ifmsa) will publish content related to resilience and plant-based diets

The World Health Organization (WHO) established April 7 as World Health Day. On this occasion, from the Seville Association of Health Sciences Students (ASECS) they have proposed to report their work through social networks. Therefore in your Instagram account, @asecs.ifmsa, they will publish the days April 5, 6 and 7 content that will cover both resilience and plant-based diets.

To bring its followers closer to an aspect of mental health such as resilience, the ASECS has had the collaboration of the psychologist Eduardo Quiroga. In these publications you can also find audiovisual advice and recommendations, such as the series Euphoria and Bojack Horseman. Regarding nutrition, ASECS complements the visual recommendations with a ‘Q&A‘, with which to try to solve doubts about plant-based diets (vegetarian-vegan).

Access all ASECS publications on the occasion of World Health Day in this link.


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