Ascierto: “The virus has not weakened, here’s what we have to do! I hope it ends like Sars”

The well-known professor and Campania luminary commented on the increase in Coronavirus infections in Campania.

Worry in Campania the increase in Caronavirus infections. Paolo Ascierto, in an interview with Corriere del Mezzogiorno, stresses that the virus has not weakened: “He has not weakened at all, but has found a series of elements along his path that have countered the danger. First of all, prevention, I never tire of repeating it, masks, disinfect hands, stay spaced as much as possible “. In addition, Ascierto explains, “Today we have the advantage of being able to count on more informed treatments and on drugs that are showing a certain effectiveness. All this must authorize us to hope but, I repeat, never let our guard down ”.

The most desirable scenario, on the other hand, is that covid-19 behaves like Sars, a virus of the same family that caused a real epidemic in 2003. “At the beginning it also appeared in the Western world with a lot of virulence. At the time I traveled a lot for work and research, I was in Canada and I remember that I faced and experienced a period of lockdown already in those years. But then the Sars within a year and a half it changed and weakened until it practically retired. Here, if there is a wish I make to myself and to others, it is that Covid behaves like this “, Ascierto states.

Finally, the oncologist recommends that we never underestimate the importance of prevention. “Let us always remember that common sense helps us and others and that we must not be discouraged. None of us can diminish the gravity of the situation, but we also have the duty to be optimistic and not to give up on doing our part all of us and all together to get out of it as soon and as well as possible “.

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