Asan cricket boiler confirmed 100 people in 4 days… Spreading like fire

On the 16th, a feeling of silence is flowing at the Kiturami boiler plant in Asan, Chungnam. © News1

The spread of Corona 19 related to the cricket boiler plant in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do has not stopped.

The number of related confirmed cases increased to 100 within four days after the first corona19 confirmed on the 13th at the boiler plant. Of these, 80 employees and 20 family acquaintances.

The number of confirmed cases is expected to continue to increase, as the results of the entire staff test still remain and are spreading from secondary infections such as family and acquaintances.

The quarantine authorities believe that the “three-mild environment” with poor ventilation caused the contagion situation. The occurrence of confirmed cases was concentrated on workers in Building F in charge of the assembly and shipping process, but the result of a total inspection of the factory F The virus was detected in six places, including the hot air blower, the sofa in the shared locker room, and vending machines. The quarantine authorities estimate that the virus spread to employees through the wind of a warm fan in a three-sea (close, dense, airtight) environment. While it was completely suspended, it is expected that the resumption will be decided according to the results of thorough inspection and environmental samples.

Chungnam-do is planning an emergency inspection of business sites with more than 100 employees in the province this week to prevent the spread of Corona 19.

Yang Seung-jo, the Chungnam Governor, said, “It seems that group infections occurred when employees ate together in a poorly ventilated place or shared a 3-room environment such as changing rooms, bathhouses, and rest rooms.” “When eating together in restaurants, etc. Except for this, please wear a mask.”

(DaejeonㆍChungnam = News 1)

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