Asamer confirmed as the new editor-in-chief by the “Presse” editorial team

Florian Asamer is the new “Die Presse” editor-in-chief, succeeding Rainer Nowak, who resigned last year. After Asamer was proposed by the Styria Media Group at the beginning of the week, the editors of the daily newspaper also gave a positive vote on Thursday, as reported online. The vote is provided for in the editorial statute of the “Presse”.

In addition to Asamer, who had been head of the editor-in-chief on an interim basis since Nowak’s resignation, Christian Ultsch, head of the foreign policy department, and the economic department heads Hanna Kordik and Gerhard Hofer were elected deputies. Accordingly, the result announced in the late afternoon was 95.5 percent of the votes for the editor-in-chief, for the deputies 93.8 and 95.4 percent. The longtime editor-in-chief and publisher Nowak retired last November after a chat affair broke out. The publishing company “Die Presse” has taken over his editorial function.

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