Asaad Rashdan is in the hospital, and this is what he revealed about his health condition – in pictures

The Lebanese actor, Asaad Rashdan, published pictures of him from the hospital, and commented on them by saying: “We were thirsty when others did not.

A look, a smile, a phone, an appointment, then an X-ray, a scanner, an ultrasound, a mail, ultrasounds… And a big thank you to the best doctor, Dr. Al-Siddiq Tony Nehme, and the assistants of my friend Bernard Awwad, and all the nurses who are distinguished by kindness and love..”.
Rashdan’s recent response to the question, “What prompted you to participate in the recent parliamentary elections?” He told the “Art” website: “Participation in the elections is a kind of registering a position and a challenge, and people do not seem interested in us talking about their problems and suffering that I have carried since my birth.” God will not change a person if he does not change a person in himself. People do not want change, and I ran to prove this.

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