As with the dagger in the back: Netflix is ​​close to breaking a deal with Prince Harry

The secret meeting of Prince Harry and Megan Mark with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles in April this year is to blame. This happened before the Dukes of Sussex traveled to The Hague, where they took part in the Invictus Games.

Many fans and royal experts had testified that Sussex had traveled to Britain for selfish reasons. However, Harry denied the allegations, disclosing this exclusive information to Netflix’s competitors, who were also entrusted with private nuances behind the scenes. “Megan and I drank tea with the queen. It was so nice to meet him. So wonderful to see him again. She’s in great shape and her sense of humor is nowhere to be found, ”Prince Harry told NBC.

People close to Netflix’s management said the management was furious to learn that Harry had spoken publicly about his meeting with his grandmother. “They would have liked to hear such nuances in their documentary project. He was overwhelmed with the rage that these revelations were being made in a competitor’s cell, “the Sun quoted the newspaper as saying.

It will be recalled that the streaming platform Netflix recently broke its contract with Megan Mark, refusing to release her animated series Pearl. This was meant to be the story of a 12-year-old girl inspired by the most influential women in the world at different times.

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