As the Deputy of BNPP, Paulus Waterpauw has said goodbye to the National Police Chief

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Former Head of the National Police Intelligence and Security Agency (Kabaintelkam) Komjen Paul Waterpauw said to have said goodbye to the leadership of the National Police before being sworn in as Deputy for Management of Potential Border Areas at the National Border Management Agency (Border Management Agency).BNPP).

“Before his inauguration, Komjen Paulus said goodbye and handed over his position as Kabaintelkam to the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo,” said Head of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Inspector General Argo Yuwono to reporters, Friday (22/10).

Waterpauw, who graduated from the Police Academy (Akpol) 1987, has served in the Bhayangkara Corps for 38 years. He will retire on November 1, 2021.

The appointment of Waterpauw as an official at BNPP is based on the Decree of the President of Indonesia Number 147/TPA of 2021 concerning the dismissal and appointment of middle high leaders within BNPP. The three-star police general was sworn in on Thursday (21/10).

Argo explained, in accordance with the National Police Chief Regulation Number 849 of 2015 concerning Position Status within the Police, the position of Komjen Paulus was automatically filled by Wakabaintelkam Inspector General Suntana for a while.

“Kabaintelkam who has handed over his duties to the National Police Chief will automatically carry out his duties and responsibilities by Wakabaintelkam,” he explained.

However, he said, the position for the three-star general as Kabaintelkam has not been definitively filled. The replacement for Waterpauw is still being discussed by the Council for High Ranks and Positions (Wanjakti).

BNPP is an institution formed to reorient development policies in border areas. This agency consists of 18 ministries/agencies and 13 governors in border areas.

The agency is chaired concurrently by the Minister of Home Affairs. Currently, the Head of BNPP is Tito Karnavian.

“The former police intelligence chief automatically has a comprehensive and complete understanding of Indonesia, so the President has given his trust with his presidential decree to Paul Waterpauw,” Tito said in a recording confirmed by the Ministry of Home Affairs Information Center, Thursday (21/10).

Paulus, said Tito, was assigned to improve border management. He hopes that Paul’s flying hours in various police areas can help improve Indonesia’s borders.

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