As of April, 801 with vaccine and 14,319 without became victims of COVID (Graph)

The Ministry of the Interior is launching an investigation into every deceased person who has been vaccinated. PHOTO: Yordan Simeonov

Paramedics, doctors and candidates involved in the sale of certificates

801 vaccinated and 14,319 without immunization are the victims of COVID in Bulgaria since April 24 – the day when the first death of a person with two doses was registered. This is shown by the official statistics of the Ministry of Health.

44 were the total victims for January 2, of which 4 were vaccinated. The mass deaths of the vaccinated are over 70 years old and with concomitant diseases (see chart).

However, it is with the deceased immunized

the government has decided to fight against fake certificates,

announced Prime Minister Kiril Petkov on Sunday night. He asked Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov to investigate the immunization of anyone who died from COVID who had a vaccination certificate.

Already in August last year The Ministry of Interior joined the fight against fake vaccinations at the insistence of the then Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov. And with the coordination of the joint groups of anti-mafia and health inspectors was entrusted the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Petar Todorov.

Only for the last three months

Hundreds of reports of false certificates have been submitted to the Ministry of Interior and the Prosecutor’s Office,

and most of the cases are in Sofia, 24 Chasa has learned. There are a dozen pre-trial proceedings in which criminal liability is sought, and there are also defendants. One of them is Velichko Georgiev, the candidate for MP in the November elections. He is accused of being an assistant in a single-dose vaccine certificate scheme, from which he earned 1,350 leva. Earlier in late October, a general practitioner in the capital was accused of issuing a digital certificate to a patient in May whom the investigation found has not actually been vaccinated.

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However, people who used fake certificates have also been prosecuted. This is the case in Pazardzhik since November. An 18-year-old girl then took a driving test at the car administration and presented a green certificate. However, the inspectors suspected that it was fake and reported it to the police. The forged document has been seized.

Another investigation into the issuance of vaccination certificates has been in Gabrovo since late November. Then the local police and the RHI received a signal that the illegal activity was taking place in a medical center in the city. Hundreds of people were introduced into the National Health Information System, who were supposedly vaccinated there, but never visited the center in Gabrovo. They are from 15 districts in the country, and many of them live abroad. The investigation into the case continues.

A paramedic from Yablanitsa is also among those under investigation for issuing vaccination certificates without giving patients doses. He worked at the hospital, but was vaccinated under a second employment contract with the RHI in Lovech.

Four fake certificates have been uncovered in Madan. A GP from the city fictitiously registered the patients as vaccinated against COVID-19. He was exposed after one of the people really decided to get vaccinated and it turned out that he was already entered in the registers of RHIF-Smolyan.

The death of a 32-year-old man, vaccinated and without concomitant diseases, on December 29 last year was one of the most striking

cases, however, his certificate has not been investigated. It was the Plovdiv District Prosecutor Chavdar Groshev who announced the biggest scheme for fake certificates, broken so far. She has worked in Asenovgrad and Rakovski and has found 250 fake certificates of people vaccinated while outside Bulgaria.

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A scheme for issuing fake certificates without vaccines was broken in October in Tarnovo and Kyustendil, after several patients in serious condition were admitted to a hospital in the old capital, but according to documents vaccinated in Kyustendil. One of them told the doctor that he had bought the certificate for BGN 500, indicated who had arranged it and an undercover policeman ordered a new certificate.

Thus, four were arrested in the criminal scheme.


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