“AS Nancy-Lorraine has always been a training team and must remain so”

There is an insistent rumor that the director of the Asnl training center, the former Messina Christian Mattiello, is about to leave. Response from the president of the ASNL Gauthier Ganaye: “I will not comment on individual situations. There are ongoing reflections at the training center level. It will be necessary to rationalize costs, as in all other sectors of the club, but above all it will not be to the detriment of quality. The center remains an essential part of the project. We also see that there are several club-trained youngsters in the current pro workforce. ASNL has always been a training company and must remain so.

It will also involve renovating infrastructure in Haye Forest, a complex that has taken on a drastic look. “It’s true,” acknowledges Nancy’s leader. “There has already been some work on the pitches, in the rooms of the center and in the professional locker rooms, but that’s not enough. We integrated it, we have it in mind. The shareholders have shown this summer that they are there to keep their commitments and to work over time. While the immediate focus is obviously on the professional team, we need to gradually improve the facilities in the forest in The Hague.”

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