As a result of the attack on the Kharkiv region, four were injured, some of the missiles were shot down – Sinegubov

The number of wounded as a result of an enemy rocket attack in the Kharkiv region at about 21:00 on December 8 has risen to four.

Speaking of which informed Chairman of the Kharkiv OVA Oleg Sinegubov.

According to him, one of the rockets hit a private house and, unfortunately, three others are known to be injured: a man and two women. Ambulance crews attended the scene.

“Part of the Russian missiles were shot down by the air defense forces,” Sinegubov stressed.

Photo: Oleg Sinegubov

Recall that about 21 hours in Kharkov two sets of several powerful explosions were heard. Earlier, the head of HOWA said that the enemy a rocket hit a private house in the Kharkiv region One man was injured and a fire broke out.

According to the HOVA press service, one of the injured is in serious condition and in total at least four houses were damaged: one by a rocket hit, at least three by rocket fragments.

Two Russian rockets fell on the territories of private homes in several settlements of the Kharkiv region, a source from the Kharkiv city council told MG “Objective”.

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