Arturo Peniche reveals that 4 family members died of covid – Noticieros Televisa


Actor and singer Arturo Peniche He revealed that he has lost four people close to him to COVID-19, and that others are struggling for this disease.

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In an interview with Ricardo Escobar for Televisa Espectáculos, the 58-year-old artist said that the coronavirus pandemic has brought much pain to his family.

“My soul is sad, it is hurt by the losses that I have had. I have had four losses this month and it is very strong, very heavy, very hard. ”

Mr. Peniche shared that one of his cousins ​​died a few days before this interview, while another cousin is experiencing symptoms and receiving treatment.

He warned that few people in his environment take adequate prevention measures:

“Let’s not be silly. I also go out here where I am and nobody wears masks, gloves, and I can’t scold people because I don’t have the right to be meddling in their private life either, but it’s a reality. ”

Watch the video right away:

Arturo Peniche is a television, theater and film actor who has worked for four decades, especially in the telenovela field. He is also recognized within the music industry as a singer.

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