Arturo Peniche. He recovered his marriage with wife Gaby Ortiz | VIDEO

Did Arturo Peniche, Televisa actor, get his marriage back? The famous father of Brandon Peniche seems to be much more solid with the relationship he has with his wife Gabriela Ortiz, after they separated during this coronavirus pandemic, covid-19, after 39 years of marriage. How did they do it? Did he manage to win her back? And it is that for a few months the news about the break was released by the same actor. Some celebrities even reacted and even sent their good wishes for the couple to get fixed. However, there was no shortage of dimes and diretes about the couple after the distancing.

In an interview with various media, Arturo Peniche expressed that far from reconquering his wife, he is taking care of everything he has achieved throughout their marriage. He assured that in this ‘crisis’, both he and his partner have matured.

“I’m going to tell you something, someone said that I’m winning back my wife, I want to tell you that you don’t have to win back anything, you have to take care of what has been achieved, you have to pamper it, you have to love it and the changes that have taken place have been quite a lot. important, where both she and I are maturing ”, commented Arturo Peniche.

Likewise, he stated that every marriage can live readjustments to move forward. Being listed with his family as a Muégano family, the actor clarified that they are all individual beings and that both he and his wife are complete fruits.

“We are an independent family each, my wife is a whole orange, I am a whole orange, there are no half oranges.”

Finally, he revealed that every marriage has a way of being, so he could not advise anyone on how to solve relationship problems.

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The day that Arturo Peniche revealed the separation with his wife

It was in September of last year that Arturo Peniche revealed that he and his wife had separated. Rrevealed that the coronavirus pandemic, covid-19, has affected him so much that it caused the separation, the end of his marriage, with his wife Gabriela Ortiz.

In an interview for Mara Patricia Castañeda’s YouTube channel, Arturo Peniche explained that he has been separated for about a month and a half. He said that when his partner saw too many flaws in him, he decided to get out of his way.

“When your partner begins to see too many defects in you, it is because you are already interfering, for the good understanding, few words … I already feel that I am a hindrance, that I do not work as a man, I do not work and I want to continue functioning as man and loving how I love her, but I already realized that I am getting in the way and I have to get out of there ”, revealed.

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