Artist Oswald Oberhuber died: master of change

But Oberhuber worked not only as an artist, but also as an art educator – from 1964 for monsignors Otto Mauer in his gallery next St. Stephan, The rivalry came along Josef Mikl. Arnulf Rainer. Wolfgang Hollegha and Markus Prachensky: “The four have Wall explains: Either she – or Oberhuber, And Wall chose me. Because I worked. “

Oberhuber headed the information gallery beyond the death of the art sponsor – until 1978. From 1973 onwards he was also a professor at the Angewandte, in 1979 he became rector. And he made the university a progressive place. B. Jörg Immendorff – and tried to Joseph Beuysthat of the Düsseldorf Art Academy had flown.

“The contract was ready for signature. But then explained Beuys, he does everything for free. And he didn’t sign. Every now and then he gave a lecture. But he didn’t want to follow up Vienna come. It was pure planting, a trick I didn’t see through at first. He just wanted to draw the attention of the Germans to himself. And then they reacted too. In 1980 he became a visiting professor at the Städel School in Frankfurt. “The longer he Beuys knew, the less he liked him.

Oberhuber was rector until 1987 – and then, from 1991, again for four years. In 1993, long after the death of the German felt-and-fat artist, a capital dispute began over the “Wiener Werkblock” from Beuys, Heiner Bastian, whose former secretary, had around 70 works in the possession of the gallery owner Julius Hummel called fake Oberhuber however confirmed the authenticity, but then revoked it.

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