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Artisans will have their social security cover

The craft sector employs almost 2.4 million artisans, or 20% of the working population, and contributes 7% to the national GDP.

Bill 50-17 on the organization of the craft sector has just been adopted by the House of Councilors, on the sidelines of the legislative plenary session, held on Tuesday, June 30, 2020. This draft law, presented by Nadia Fettah, Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts, Air Transport and Social Economy, is part of a reform process initiated by the ministry, and aimed at restructuring this major sector for the national economy. As a reminder, the sector employs almost 2.4 million artisans, or 20% of the active population, and contributes 7% to the national GDP.

This bill was the subject of exchanges – in a participatory approach – with all the partners concerned, in particular the Chambers of Crafts. The Minister insisted, during the plenary session, on the legislative importance of supporting the organization and restructuring of the sector.

Definition of activities

In fact, the craft industry lacks an appropriate regulatory framework adapted to its specificities, all the more in the context of the Covid crisis which demonstrated the importance of organizing the productive sectors by encouraging membership in the formal sector. Thus, the ministry accelerated the implementation of bill 50-17 aiming to organize the activities of the Handicrafts and its actors, in particular the mono-craftsmen, the companies and the cooperatives of Handicrafts.

The main provisions of this law concern both the definition of crafts activities and its different categories of actors: craftsman, master craftsman, craft enterprise and cooperative as well as the creation of a national register of crafts Handicraft players in order to provide the sector with social security coverage and more transparency, through the organization of the sector’s associative fabric by the establishment of local, regional and national professional orders representing the various activities of the ‘Arts and crafts.

The creation of a National Crafts Council will cap this institutional building as an organ vis-à-vis the public authorities, whose mission is none other than to centralize all questions related to the Crafts sector . The same source reveals that the presentation of the application texts and the launch of an awareness campaign for all stakeholders in the sector will be done as soon as possible, in order to support the implementation of this project of law.

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