Artificial rain – rainfall-making technologies tested in the UAE – video

In the United Arab Emirates, where a woman is being prepared for a flight into space for the first time, managed to artificially cause rain in the 50-degree heat.

About it informs local weather forecast portal Storm Center.

“It rained north of the village of Hatta in the UAE in the Hajar mountain range, in the areas of Wadi al-Khilyu, Kalba Road and Khuwaylat”, – the message says.

Rain-making technologies consist of special cloud seeding experiments. The UAE conducted them together with scientists from the British University of Reading. Drones launched electrical discharges into clouds without the use of chemical compounds.

It rained in the UAE in the summer, when there is usually no rainfall in the country. In neighboring Qatar, it never rains in the summer. According to local journalists, the showers will only intensify by the weekend.

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