Article L3335-1 – Public health code

The State representative in the department decides, without prejudice to acquired rights, after informing the mayors of the municipalities concerned, the distances below which the outlets for drinks to be consumed on the spot cannot be established around the following establishments, including the The enumeration is exhaustive:

1 ° Health establishments, treatment, support and prevention centers in addiction treatment and reception and support centers for reducing risks for drug users;

2 ° Educational, training, collective accommodation or youth leisure establishments;

3 ° Stadiums, swimming pools, public or private sports grounds.

These distances are calculated according to the straight line on the ground connecting the closest accesses to the protected establishment and the drinking establishment. In this calculation, the difference in level above and below the ground, depending on whether the flow is installed in a high-rise building or in an underground infrastructure, must be taken into account.

The interior of the buildings and establishments in question is included in the protection zones thus determined.

The existence of regularly installed on-site drinking establishments cannot be called into question for reasons taken from this article.

In municipalities where there is at most one outlet for drinks to be consumed on site, the State representative in the department may authorize, after consulting the mayor, the installation of a outlet for drinks to be consumed on site in the areas. subject to the provisions of this article when the tourist needs or local animation justify it.

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