Arteta convicted after playing a high school student in the Premier League


Mikel Arteta debut Premier League to players aged 15, Ethan Nwaneri. Manager’s decision Arsenal which has been criticized eg Liverpool, Danny Murphy.

Arsenal party on the way to headquarters Brentford continuously Premier League last weekend. Cannon London won 3-0.

The Brentford duel against Arsenal also became Nwaneri’s first Premier League debut. It was presented in the 90th minute for Fabio Vieira.


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Ethan Nwaneri broke the record as the youngest player to perform Premier League. He was 15 years and 181 days, breaking the record previously held by Harvey Eliott (16 years and 30 days).

Nwaneri is an academy player Arsenal promoted to the first team after his Under-21 debut in September. He is still a student who did not take the test General Certificate of Secondary Educationa UK high school diploma.

Nwaneri’s presence on the pitch was enthusiastically received by Arsenal fans. They sang “Go to school in the morning!” which means “go to school in the morning”.

Spicy comments are actually given Danny Murphy. He questions the decision Mikel Arteta which lowers junior high school children to professional level.

“I’m not sure it’s the best move for a young player. I’ve seen superstars emerge at a young age who thrive and continue, but many fade even in half,” Murphy said. Speak SPORT.

“He’s definitely a super talent, he performed well in training and impressed everyone. However, they also have other players aged 18, 19 and 20 who are more advanced in development to fill the bench.”

“I think Arteta is trying to make the young superstar happy, but I’m not sure,” he said of his debut. Ethan Nwaneri.

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