Artemis Troickis: Belarus 2020/2021. The birth of the nation and the genocide of freedom

It is safe to assume that in the first days of 2022, Artemis Troickis will lose all my hair for the first time. And not because they will fall out naturally. Earlier this year, I made a public promise on my channel that if Belarusian dictator Lukashenko was still in power by the end of 2021, I would shave my head. Judging by everything, the optimistic forecast will not come true, so – goodbye, gray curls! I do not regret the hair, it will grow young, and for many years afflicted Belarusian though very unfortunate.

We remember how beautiful it all began with the inspiring pre-election rally of July 2020. Nomination of opposition candidates and immediate brutal arrests; unexpected and triumphant “teachers and housewives” Svetlana Tihanovsk presidential campaign supported by Veronika Cepkalo and Marija Kolesnikova. Then the elections, the shameless falsification of results and the revolution! Hundreds of thousands of inspired people on the streets and squares of Minsk, as well as in other cities: white-red-white flags, songs and anthems, beautiful “marches” surrounded by ribbons and flowers … Yes, it was a real “birth of a nation”, or rather a rebirth of a nation with its symbols, language and the struggle for freedom. Then the rest of the world found out about Belarus and got excited about its people.

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