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Cologne | The Academy of Media Arts (KHM) is moving. From Peter-Welter-Platz 2 to Heumarkt 14, into the “tower” of the Cologne Chamber of Crafts, and is thus visible to an even broader public. The KHM secured this location for the next 30 years. The archive of the City of Cologne was last a guest there.

The Chamber of Crafts “tower” is currently being refurbished and should then also be up-to-date in terms of energy. The renovation is expected to cost 20 million euros. The KHM wants to move in summer 2023. With this new lease, the university can above all optimize its office space and expand the accommodation for teaching and student workrooms, according to a message from the KHM. The other five state properties in the quarter will remain in the KHM portfolio for the long term. However, partial areas are also to be moved from other buildings to “Heumarkt 14” in order to carry out the necessary renovation and modernization measures in the existing buildings.

Prof. Mathias Antlfinger, deputy rector of the KHM and member of the planning staff, in a written statement: “This is an extremely positive development for the KHM. With the long-term rental of this large building, she has finally secured her location between the Heumarkt and the Chocolate Museum. The property has an area of ​​around 5,000 square meters and is being completely refurbished so that we will have a practically new building. Additional student work rooms and production offices will be created for the students. And bringing organizational units and subject groups together in a common building will be a great asset. “

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