Art as a game, by François Zouravichbili | Book

“You are sick of the history of philosophy,” the French philosopher François Zouravichbili warns his students. I wanted to go beyond the “museum” of authors; I wanted to teach them to think. Editorial Cactus has just published, within the framework of the “Clases” series, a very sensitive book called Art as a game, with a preface by Jean-Luc Nancy. He picks up a course defined by one of the students –Joana Desplat-Roger, responsible for the retranscription – as “unusual”. Also, as “tragically unfinished”, due to the death of Zouravichbili, which occurred in 2006.

Hegel, Rimbaud, Gadamer, Beethoven, Freud, Foucault, Deleueze and other personalities are visited – interrogated – in these pages with the intention of constructing a definition of art associated with play. There is a questioning of the most common notions, such as the idea of ​​an expression that arises from within the artist. Aesthetics, according to the author, is not a branch of philosophy. It is the turn that the discipline takes when she discovers, in the middle of the 18th century, that she cannot relate to herself without a meditation on art.



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