Art and love in Tinder times, at Laboral

Capture of the videos of “Off Love”, with testimonies from users of dating applications, in which the artist herself, Noemí Iglesias, appears.

About the search for love through social networks and the nature of the sentimental relationships that are forged in them is “Off Love”, the exhibition that Noemí Iglesias (La Felguera, 1987) will present next Wednesday at Laboral Centro de Art, in Gijón. This is the project with which the Asturian artist won the last edition of the “Los Bragales” award, promoted by the Cantabrian collector Jaime Sordo and whose inauguration had to be postponed due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Now it can be visited until February 3.

Noemí Iglesias is advancing along a path that she entered long ago, with ceramics and performance. In this case, he resorts to digital media to investigate issues such as the commercialization of love or consumer romanticism. By applying these new technological tools, this exhibition will have a more futuristic and technological aesthetic ”, according to its own author.

Capture of the videos of “Off Love”, with testimonials from users of dating applications.

“Off love” is, in the words of Noemí Iglesias, “an installation of several pieces about how romantic relationships are established through social networks”. There are videos with testimonials from users of dating applications, edited in such a way that they end up composing, according to the artist, “a kind of tragicomedy”; also a sculptural piece, made with a 3D printer, which represents a handful of rose petals, each of them the weight of a human heart, which is approximately 250 grams; will show a collection of phone cases, made by hand in an embroidery workshop in Bilbao with Faraday fabric, which blocks the waves emitted and received by mobile devices so that they would function as “an emotional disconnection service”, and finally , a map of qualities, feelings and connections, which Noemí Iglesias has engraved on a large piece of methacrylate, more than a meter and a half wide and with pink side lighting, the same color as the carpet that covers the room.

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What Noemí Iglesias projects in “Off Love” is her personal vision of the “digital market” of emotions, with which she considers a “standardized and repetitive model” of exchange of feelings and relationships.

The exhibition can be visited at the Labor offices, but it will also have online access. “It can be seen through the website, in a virtual tour that will recreate the room and the pieces,” explains its creator.

Noemí Iglesias has another appointment with the public in these first weeks of 2021, in that case in Madrid. On January 21 and for about a month, his work will be in the gallery “La Gran”, by the hand of the Gijonesa Espacio Líquido gallery and in an exhibition on the interpretation of the landscape with three other artists: María Acuyo, Ana Teresa Barboza and Laura López Balsa.


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