Arstarulsmirus releases new single and music video from the upcoming album / Day

“The new piece is a song recorded by Raimonds Pauls in 1968 Farewell to summer a fresh version with a different content orientation and a more intense sound typical of the hip-hop genre. “The text of the song was supplemented with new verses, the message of which is at the heart of the song ‘s lyrical character’ s attempt to emphasize attention to aspects that are grateful and considered a blessing in life,” Arstarulsmirus shares the song ‘s message.

The singing of the composition is performed by the soloist Laima Dimanta, who is a participant in the Arstarulsmirus project and a co-author of arrangements of vocal parts of many of the project’s compositions.

“I am very pleased and grateful for the involvement and dedication of the guest musicians during the creation of the song, because each musician ‘s contribution really made the song alive and pulsating, skillfully brightening the song’ s message. “The parts of the composition, which were once performed in a really inspiring manner by Nora Bumbiere, were played on saxophone,” continues the musician.

Artūrs Sebris performed the saxophone, Elvis Lintiņš played the keyboard parts, Uldis Ziediņš played the trombone, Normunds Piesis played the trumpet and Edvīns Ozols played the bass guitar. The soundtrack is directed by Sergei Laletin, a long-time friend and colleague of Arstarulsmirus. Music video by Later. Video director Elvijs Pārpucis.

“I remember that about 20 years ago, listening to the original song, I thought that one day I would like to create my own version of this composition. song Farewell to summer ’22 is included in the program of the big concert, “says Arstarulsmirus.

Song Farewell to summer ’22 is part of the upcoming album on June 9th Dedzwhich will be the third of the four planned Wish song album cycle. Each of the song sets will metaphorically reflect one of the four elements – water, earth, fire, air. The third album of the cycle is dedicated to the theme of fire, including lyrical expressions and associations in the lyrics – movement as the basis of life energy, warm and cordial relationships, will, initiative and determination in the context of self-knowledge and reduction of internal conflicts. Musically, in the context of the project’s recordings so far, the album will sound much more energetic and intense.

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