Arsenal’s supposed offer for Coutinho r …

Find a solution to the case of Philippe Coutinho has become a matter of state for the FC Barcelona. The Brazilian midfielder joined the Catalan team in January 2018 as the theoretical ‘successor’ of Andres Iniesta and, although he started giving a very good performance, he completely vanished in his second season at the Barça club. That is why last season he was loaned to Bayern Munich.

The Bavarians paid 8.6 million euros for the carioca’s loan and a purchase option worth 120 ‘kilos’ was secured, which was the same amount that the Catalans had paid in the fixed of their arrival from Liverpool, not counting the 40 variables. But Bayern Munich was not convinced of the level shown by Philippe Coutinho and the economic crisis of the coronavirus ended up making his purchase impossible.

The reasons why finding a way out for the Carioca is a priority are clear: his salary is too high to give him a second chance in the first team and it is also too high for another club to decide to keep him in property in addition to paying for a transfer. The Catalans do not want to ‘give away’ Philippe Coutinho and initially demanded about 80 million euros that nobody will pay in the middle of this crisis, so the club knows that they will have to lower their claims.

However, in no case will they download them as much as the information published by the ‘Onlinegooner’ website suggests, which ensures that Philippe Coutinho has met this Friday with Arsenal in London Colney -the facilities of the London club- and that the ‘gunners’ will offer 40 million pounds (44.3 million euros) to FC Barcelona for him. Yes Mikel Arteta -which considers the carioca a priority for his project- wants him, the offer must be higher.

England, the most feasible route for Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho shone like he never did before or never would after in the Premier League, wearing the shirt of Liverpool. That is why several English clubs think of his return as the cornerstone of their respective projects, since they consider that the English championship offers the necessary football conditions for the Carioca to recover that level that came to make him one of the best players in the world .

Arsenal are one of the strong candidates to take Philippe Coutinho, but it must be remembered that he is not the only one. Too Tottenham Hotspur or Leicester City sound with some intensity. The Brazilian is not lacking in ‘Girlfriends’, but the problem is with FC Barcelona, ​​which prioritizes selling him but knows that no one will pay a high transfer. Of course, they are confident of obtaining much more than those 44 million offered from London.

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