Arsenal want to break contract with Ezil, the player demands impressive compensation

Mesut Ezils | Photo: London Arsenal

England’s Premier League club Arsenal in London wants to end its contract with midfielder Mesut Ezil, who does not agree to do so without monetary compensation, the Daily Mail reports.

The former German national player has not been an Arsenal regular footballer for some time. Ezil was not included in the team’s application for the European League, but this season he has not gone to the field in any of the English Premier League games. He last took part in the match on March 7.

According to a Daily Mail source, Arsenal’s management will no longer count on the services of a midfielder, as evidenced by his non-inclusion in the European League. However, Ezil himself wants compensation for the termination of the contract in the amount of 14 million euros – this amount of money he would have received if he had worked the contract until the end.

Donkey has been playing for Arsenal since 2013, when the London club paid around € 50 million for his move from Madrid to Real. He scored 44 goals in 254 games in all Arsenal tournaments. Together with the London team, Ezils won the Football Cup (FA Cup) three times, as well as reached the European League final once.

At the club level, the midfielder has represented not only Arsenal and Real, but also Gelsenkirchen’s Schalke 04 and Bremen’s Werder.

Until 2018, Ezils played for the German national team, scoring 23 goals in 92 matches. With the national team, he became the world champion in 2014.

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