Arsenal knew how to turn it around to beat Wilstermann and stay alive in the South American

Arsenal knew how to turn it around to beat Jorge Wilstermann, in Bolivia, by 2 to 1 and stay alive to go to the round of 16 of the South American Cup, in a match valid for the fifth date of Group C.

Thus those of Sarandí went on to lead the positions in their area with 8 units; followed by Ceará, from Brazil and Bolivar, from Bolivia, with 6 and who will meet tomorrow to complete the day on the court of the first, while Wilstermann remains last with 2 points.

Lucas Albertengo and Brian Farioli converted for ‘Ass’ in the second half; Humberto Osorio, from a penalty kick, had put the local team ahead in the first chapter.

The first part of the initial stage was favorable for Arsenal, who knew how to take control of the actions and that with some overflows plus several medium-distance shots required the interventions of Rodrigo Banegas.

Quite the opposite happened with the game after 25 minutes because the local, as the Brazilian Serginho grew, was the one who had to mistreat Alejandro Medina, who saved his goal on three occasions in a providential way.

However, Wilstermann took the lead due to an action much discussed by the players of the ‘Viaduct’, due to a sanction by Colombian Carlos Betancour for an alleged foul by Mateo Carabajal, for a support or a push on Osorio, which was not visible , although the Colombian quickly dropped.

The former center forward of San Martín de San Juan was in charge of converting that execution (38 min).

With more drive than play, Arsenal went out to change the history of the match in the complementary game and thus had the opportunity to equalize, when Albertengo capitalized on a rival defensive failure to defeat Banegas (16 min).

Moments later, the entered Brian Farioli with a superb shot when entering the area (22 min), overturned the score in favor of ‘Ass’.

Then the team led by Argentine Diego Cagna in search of equality, with Medina as a key piece to sustain the advantage of Sergio Rondina’s team, who counterattack also had his chances to close the game more calmly.

After four dates without losing in Group C and with their first victory as a visitor, those of the Viaducto maintain the dream of qualifying, which will be defined on the next date, in which they will not have defender Mateo Carabajal for having reached the third warning.

Precisely, in which Arsenal will receive Bolívar, from Bolivia, in Sarandí next Thursday 27 at 19:15; While on the same day and time, Jorge Wilstermann, will play again in Cochabamba receiving Ceará, from Brazil.

= Synthesis =

Jorge Wilstermann: Rodrigo Banegas; Santiago Echeverría, Maximiliano Ortiz and Teodoro Paredes; Alejandro Meleán, Rodrigo Morales, Carlos Enrique Áñez and Edson Pérez; Serginho; Humberto Osorio and Gilbert Álvarez. DT: Diego Cagna.

Arsenal: Alejandro Medina; Gastón Benavídez, Mateo Carabajal, Gastón Suso and Emiliano Papa; Jesús Soraire, Juan Andrada, Alejo Antilef and Nicolás Castro; Bruno Sepúlveda and Lucas Albertengo. DT: Sergio Rondina.

Goal in the first half: 38m, Osorio (JW).

Goals in the second half: 16m, Albertengo (A); and 22m, Farioli (A)

Changes in the second half: At the start, Adriel Fernández for Pérez (JW); 14m, Alan Ruiz for Sepulveda; and Brian Farioli for Antilef (A); 16m, Paul Arano for Seginho (JW); 26m, Leonel Picco for Albertengo (A), 28m, Rodrigo Vargas Castillo for Paredes (JW); 34m, Ramiro Ballivian for Meleán (JW); 45m + 1, Julián Navas for Soraire (A) and Jonathan Bottinelli for Castro (A).

Admonished: Meleán, Alvarez and Ortiz (JW). Carabajal (A).

Referee: Carlos Betancur (Colombia).

Stadium: Félix Capriles (Wilstermann).



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