Arsenal equaled 1 to 1 with Sporting Cristal and was eliminated from the Copa Sudamericana – Argentine News

Arsenal de Sarandí equaled 1 to 1 tonight with Sporting Cristal of Peru at the “Julio Humberto Grondona” stadium, for the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana, and was eliminated from the continental competition because they had lost 2 to 1 in the outbound meeting.

Those led by Sergio Rondina took the lead in the 7th minute of the complement from the hand of forward Lucas Albertengo, who scored a goal from medium distance to break the zero and momentarily give his team a ticket to the next instance.

However, five minutes from the end, a Chilean by Christopher Gonzáles snatched the classification from Rondina’s men, who practically did not have time to go in search of a new goal that would take them to penalties.

In this way, Sporting Cristal will be measured in the quarterfinals against the winner of the classic duel that Nacional and Peñarol from Uruguay will face tomorrow.

Despite the obligation to convert, those led by Sergio Rondina had greater control of the ball but played far from the opponent’s goal, in an initial stage that had only one shot on goal per side.

In the second half the intensity of the game increased and Albertengo surprised with a right-hand shot from outside the area that violated the resistance of goalkeeper Alejandro Duarte to leave “Ass” one step away from qualifying, but finally could not sustain the result.

Is that González, with an excellent definition, beat Alejandro Medina and gave the Peruvian cast the tie, which ended the dream of the Sarandí team in the tournament.

Synthesis of the party:

South American Cup. Arsenal – Sporting Cristal.

Round of 16 – Lap.

Referee: Raphael Claus (Brazil).

Arsenal: Alejandro Medina; Gastón Benavidez, Mateo Carabajal, Gastón Suso, Emiliano Papa; Valentín Larralde, Leonel Picco, Juan Andrada, Nicolás Castro; Bruno Sepúlveda and Lucas Albertengo. DT: Sergio Rondina.

Sporting Crystal: Alejandro Duarte; Jhilmar Lora, Omar Merlo, Gianfranco Chávez, Nilson Loyola; Horacio Calcaterra, Jesús Castillo; Gerald Távara, Christopher González, Alejandro Hohberg and Marcos Riquelme. DT: Roberto Mosquera.

Goals in the second half: 7m. Lucas Albertengo (A); 40m. Christopher González (SC).

Changes in the second half: 13m. Joao Grimaldo by Gerald Távara (SC); 34m. Carlos Liza for Marcos Riquelme (SC) and Irven Ávila for Horacio Calcaterra (SC); 38m. Jorge Ortiz for Valentín Larralde (A), Alejo Antilef for Leonel Picco (A) and Julián Navas for Bruno Sepúlveda (A); 42m. Nicolás Mazzola by Lucas Albertengo (A) and Alan Ruiz by Gastón Benavidez (A); 43m. Johan Madrid by Alejandro Hohberg (SC) and Alejandro González by Carlos Lora (SC).


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