Arrests in protest against corona law • Anyone who wants to go to Italy must have themselves tested

Just like in Brabant, there will be no large carnival parties and parades in Limburg next year. The security regions in that province have decided not to allow all events for which a permit is required to take place in the traditional way. This also applies to all parties and gatherings that precede carnival, reports 1Limburg.

The security regions call it a difficult but unavoidable decision. “Compliance with the 1.5 meter rule is difficult when people come together in large groups, especially when alcohol is consumed and people are carried away by the music.”

The security regions also fear that people from Brabant and Germany will come to Limburg, if the party would take place there. “Then the risks to public order and public health are unacceptably great.” The safety regions are in contact with the carnival federations and associations to see what kind of festivities are possible.

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