Arrests at Corona demo in East Styrian Gleisdorf

A police officer was attacked and slightly injured.

During a demonstration against the corona measures on Friday evening in Gleisdorf in eastern Styria, there were several incidents: a police officer was attacked and slightly injured, regulations were not complied with and two people offered passive resistance. A pyrotechnic object was thrown at officers by a man during an arrest. The perpetrator fled. A knife fell out of his jacket, police said on Saturday.

For months, “walks” and demonstrations have been taking place in Gleisdorf, sometimes several days a week. There had been serious incidents before – for example in front of the mayor’s house. On Friday evening, events apparently got out of hand: several hundred participants had come to the demonstration around 6 p.m. Among them is a 43-year-old who is said to have attacked a police officer and was arrested as a result.

No one was injured by the pyrotechnic object thrown by a third party at that moment. The knife that the perpetrator lost while escaping was secured. The man was able to escape undetected for the time being. Two other people behaved uncooperatively during checks and did not want to disclose their identity. They were temporarily arrested as a result. Once their identities were known, they were able to walk again. It was a 57-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman.


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