Arrested man who killed former partner with stab in Cascais – Portugal

PSP detained a 43-year-old Moldovan man who killed his former stab mate on Saturday night in Cascais.

The crime occurred at the entrance of the building where the 38-year-old woman lived, located in Praceta Moçambique, in the Encosta da Carreira neighborhood.

According to the CM on the spot, the victim lived in that room with his son and another man.

The murderer, who lived near his ex-partner, waited at the door of the building, and when he realized the arrival of his ex, gave him at least two stab wounds in the chest area. After committing the crime he fled.

At 2:30 am PSP found the perpetrator at home, about a block from the victim’s home, who lived with his son and another man.

O CM He also found that the perpetrator had a history of alcoholism.

Firefighters and INEM were mobilized, but nothing could be done to save the victim.

The warning was given at about 10:30 pm by the couple’s neighbors. PSP and PJ were on site. Authorities continue to search to try to find the suspect.

35 dead in the context of domestic violence
This 38-year-old woman is the 35th deadly victim in the context of domestic violence in 2019. Last Friday, a man killed his mate with x-act blows and fled.

Recall here all the tragic cases marking 2019


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