Arrested in the Hörsterfeld after chase by Essen

Two people have chased the police through Essen. First they escaped, but later the officials snapped them up.

Police officers in Essen arrested two people on Tuesday evening who had previously chased themselves with the police.

According to the police, officials had arrived at 6:35 p.m. Hachestrasse tries to stop a car for traffic control. The man behind the wheel had noticed the officials in downtown Essen because of a traffic violation. The 36-year-old did not stop, however, but increased the pace and chased away. The police started the persecution.

Essen police alerted chases in Bochum and Dortmund

Because the car was driving on the motorway in the direction of Bochum, the Essen officials alerted their colleagues in Bochum, Dortmund and also in Düsseldorf, because the police there are responsible for what happens on the motorways.

At least five patrol cars were used, but the refugees managed to shake off the police. For several kilometers they are at a speed of up to 130 kilometers per hour escaped. A helicopter was not in use, there was too little time for it, the police said in the evening.

After a chase: arrested in the Hörsterfeld

The police initially lost sight of the car – but a little later they discovered the parked vehicle and, based on information from local residents, also found the man and his passenger. At the home address in Hörsterfeld they met both. Both were arrested for the time being.

A connection with the recent events in the Hörsterfeld housing estate initial police estimates are unlikely.

Against the driver because of Driving under the influence of drugs determined. According to initial knowledge, he and the woman had both taken drugs. (Red, with material from dpa)



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