Arrested in Gijón for breaking the mirrors of nine cars | BE Gijón | Today for Today Gijón

Agents of the National Police have arrested yet 21 year old by fracture the rear-view mirrors of nine vehicles stationed at El Cerillero. At four in the morning last Sunday, a neighbor in the area requested the police presence because five young people were making a fuss on the street and one of them hit the rear view mirrors parked in the streets of El Cerillero as he passed. The agents who were close to the indicated area, Hernán Cortes and Alonso Quintanilla streets, immediately came and located the young people described.

The identified between 17 and 19 years they collaborated with the agents and admitted having been laughing on the street without respecting the rest of the neighbors. One of them claimed to be the author of the damage to the cars and having hit them with the intention of making jokes and not causing damage to them.

The policemen of the Gijón Police Station’s Operational Response Group verified that nine vehicles had been affected with the total or partial breakage of the rear-view mirrors, increasing the damage caused to more than 1000 euros, for which the author was arrested as alleged perpetrator of a crime of intentional harm.

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