Arrest in New York after a murder symbolizing the rise in crime

A young man was arrested on Tuesday by New York police, two days after the murder of a 40-year-old bank executive in the subway, a crime that struck people as a symbol of the increase in violence in the American megalopolis. After two days of manhunt, Andrew Abdullah, whose identity and photo had been released by the New York police (NYPD), was taken into custody, the NYPD announced in a tweet. According to the New York Timesthe 25-year-old turned himself in to law enforcement in Chinatown, south of Manhattan Island.

He was wanted for the Sunday noon murder of Daniel Enriquez, 48, a Goldman Sachs bank executive, who was fatally shot in the chest by a 9mm bullet while traveling on the Q line of the sprawling New York subway between Brooklyn and Manhattan. According to local media’s account on Monday, the suspected killer shot his victim for no reason before quietly getting off the train at a station in lower Manhattan, handing his gun to a homeless person on the platform, and vanishing. . Despite the intervention of passengers to alert the emergency services and the police, Daniel Enriquez died Sunday in a hospital.

This murder caused a new shock in New York in the context of an increase in recent months in crime by firearms and several tragedies, in particular hitting children and teenagers affected by stray bullets in shootings. On April 12, Frank James, a 62-year-old African-American man, set off smoke devices in a Brooklyn subway car and opened fire on dozens of terrified passengers, injuring 23 people. He is being prosecuted for attack “terrorist”.

From January 1 to early April 2022, the number of shootings and shootings in New York increased by 260 to 296 from the first quarter of 2021, according to figures from the NYPD. New York Democratic Mayor Eric Adams, a former police officer, was elected in late 2021 on an agenda to tackle crime, recidivism and the illegal spread of guns in a megacity of nine million whose statistics crimes and misdemeanors have risen sharply since the Covid-19 pandemic.

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