around forty Mayenne employees will demonstrate in Paris this Thursday

Forty civil service employees from Mayenne will demonstrate in Paris this Thursday, at the call of Force Ouvrière. They leave by bus at 8 hours from Laval, they stop in Sarthe to bring on board other demonstrators, then direction Matignon. They claim a “Segur for all. Almost a year after the government’s announcements, certain professions are still excluded from salary increases in the health sector. This is the case of Frédérique Nay, she is a medico-psychological aid (AMP) for disabled people in an establishment in Bais, in Nord-Mayenne and she does not touch the monthly premium of 183 euros provided for by the Segur de la health.

“It’s contemptuous”

Frédérique Nay points to the gruesome situation in which she finds herself with her colleagues from Bais. Within the same establishment, some employees receive the monthly premium of 183 euros provided for by the Ségur de la santé and others do not.I work in an establishment which is complex since it has four sectors. A nursing home sector therefore there colleagues, since September 1, they have the Ségur premium and there are three other sectors occupational home, specialized reception home and nursing home. And these three sectors still do not have the Segur bonus. So there are leads since by dint of demonstrating, we end up getting little things. But still there, for the moment, they would put people outside. It is intolerable to hear that. _We would not all be affected by that when we are from the same public service_. The hospital public service, same status, same grade, same job, therefore same salary, normally “, says Frédérique Nay.

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The departmental health secretary of Force Ouvrière in Mayenne denounces the difference established by the government between professions in the health sector. “It’s contemptuous because what does it mean: working with disabled adults is less well paid? Don’t we deserve to have a decent salary? It is unacceptable”, she insists. According to Frédérique Nay, school directors will have difficulty recruiting in these sectors, which are not affected by the Ségur bonus. “Who wants to come and work with disabled adults when you lose more than 183 euros net per month? “, she emphasizes.

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