Around 5 million euros for daycare centers in Saarland

Around 5 million euros for daycare centers in Saarland

The daycare providers in Saarland receive several million euros from the federal and state governments. Symbol photo: Uwe Anspach / dpa

Millions of dollars for daycare centers in Saarland

This is ensured with the new investment program “Kita gut und Sicherheits” Ministry of Education and Culture this year and next year as a whole 3.6 million euros for investments in day-care facilities to disposal. The money comes from federal and state funds. The federal government provides 3.2 million, the state 360,000 euros.

In addition, 1.5 million for supplementary workers

With the funds, daycare providers can make investments that are useful for the Demand-based expansion and securing of crèche and kindergarten places in the corona pandemic are necessary. The Saarland Ministry of Education also provides for the months of November, December and January up to 1.5 million euros ready to additional staff in the daycare centers finance. “Due to the pandemic, it is a question of full financing from state funds, so that the aid arrives quickly,” said the press office of the Ministry of Education.

Loud Education Minister Christine Streichert-Clivot they want to support the daycare providers quickly and unbureaucratically so that they can make the necessary investments in the daycare centers in the exceptional situation caused by the corona. “It is clear that the personnel situation in the daycare centers is very tense during the pandemic. That is why we are also making funds available for additional staff in the day-care centers,” said Streichert-Clivot.

Source used:
– Communication from the Saarland Ministry of Education and Culture

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