Áron Szilágyi’s wife, Betti, the Athlete of the Year shone in the glittering evening of the Gala – Hungarian star

The best Hungarian athletes and sports professionals were awarded for the 64th time M4 Sport – Athlete of the Year at the Gala on Thursday night, January 6, at the National Theater. After the virtual event of 2021, the one-and-a-half-hour gala show was held again in front of viewers this year.

The ranking of the Athlete of the Year by the Association of Hungarian Sports Journalists (MSÚSZ) for the 64th time was based on 366 votes.

Áron Szilágyi and his wife are Athletes of the Year at the Gala

At the M4 Sport – Athlete of the Year Gala, in addition to the candidates, the outstanding figures of Hungarian sports life also celebrated with the candidates and the winners. In men, the three-time Olympic champion is a swordsman Áron Szilágyi, and Tamara Csipes, a four-time winner and a silver medalist in the women’s championship, was chosen as the athlete of the year 2021 by the Association of Hungarian Sports Journalists.

The best of the year in the traditional team sports was the bronze-medal women’s water polo team in the Tokyo Games, and the women’s kayak quartet composed by Danuta Kozák, Anna Cárpes, Anna Kárász and Dóra Bodonyi won in the category of team competitions in individual sports. Among the coaches, András Decsi, Szilágyi and the men’s sword coach received the most votes.

Athlete of the Year appeared at the Gala with his wife Áron Szilágyi and his wife, Betti. In our compilation you can see the star pairs of the evening.

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Cover photo: MSÚSZ/Photo@laszlozsigmond.hu

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