Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Regret: Why He Turned Down ‘The Rock’ and Still Holds a Grudge Against Sean Connery

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Regret: Why He Turned Down ‘The Rock’ and Still Holds a Grudge Against Sean Connery

Arnold Schwarzenegger became a film icon with films like ‘Terminator’, but there is a thriller starring Sean Connery that he despised and to this day he still has not forgiven him.

Years go by and Arnold Schwarzenegger is still remembered as one of the biggest action movie stars in Hollywood. Terminator, Commando and Predator are just some of his most famous projects, but there was one that got out of hand and now he regrets it more than ever. Of course, it was not his arch-enemy Sylvester Stallone who stole it, but it was his own decision not to interfere with the tape.

In 1996, the Austrian-American actor starred in the Christmas movie The Promised Gift, but that same year a film directed by Michael Bay was released that offered the actor one of the most important action roles, but he rejected it because he believed it was not what he wanted. serious enough. According to the also protagonist of True Lies, the script was small, it was done by hand and that made him distrust the quality of the project.

As part of a series of questions and answers on a Reddit discussion board in 2011, the Conan the Barbarian actor revealed that The Rock was the movie he most regretted turning down. “I love the movie and the production was good,” Schwarzenegger wrote. “When they offered it to me, the script was only 80 pages, had a lot of scribbles and didn’t seem right, but they clearly did an incredible job,” concluded the interpreter.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger almost appeared in ‘The Rock’

The director of Transformers had also offered the role of Dr. Stanley Goodspeed to the action movie star, an FBI special agent in the film, but ended up giving it to Nicolas Cage after the Austrian rejected it. The worst of all is that the stars would be shared with Sean Connery, a Scottish eminence who gave life to James Bond during the 60s and who in this film played SAS Captain John Patrick Mason.

Hollywood Pictures Michael Bay and Nicolas Cage on the set of ‘The Rock’

Michael Bay presented an action thriller that shows how the Pentagon assigns a special task to a trio of agents to infiltrate Alcatraz and stop a group of sailors who kidnapped the island, who threaten to kill them all if they do. The government does not pay them a reward for sending them on an official mission in which dozens of men died. Also starring Ed Harris, the film production was a success among critics and audiences.

Hollywood Pictures

The box office receipts greatly exceeded the budget used to produce it and it even received a nomination at the 69th Academy Awards for Best Sound. There is no doubt that it was a great project that got out of hand for Arnold Schwarzenegger, because as he himself stated, he let the opportunity go by disparaging the film. His rivalry with Stallone definitely had something to do with it, since neither of them wanted to appear in a film that would take away their status as top action movie stars.

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