Arno has to rest from doctors for the rest of the year

Arno Hintjens cancels his concerts in Belgium, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. On the advice of his doctors, he will rest until early 2022 to recover from illness.

His recent piano album Vivre has been a top seller for two months, and one of the greatest successes of his career, but privately things are not going well for Arno Hintjens (72). The Ostend resident spent two months in a Brussels hospital in the spring of this year due to serious complications following his treatment for pancreatic cancer, and has now decided not to perform this year.

In recent days, the Paris concert hall Le Trianon reported to ticket holders that a concert on December 1 is no longer postponed, but is now really cancelled. That applies to all activities of the singer, who received his diagnosis for cancer in the autumn of 2019, but after surgery and chemotherapy, still found the strength to perform on a small scale in 2020 and even record a record. He also promoted Charlatan, a documentary about his life.

On the advice of the doctors and his family, a long period of full rehabilitation now follows. The situation will not be reviewed until early next year.



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