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Armenta points out that the asset declaration is on the internet

After the PAN candidate for state government, Eduardo Rivera Pérez, challenged his Morenoist opponent to present his 5 out of 5, Alejandro Armenta Mier responded that he has nothing to answer, just search the internet if you know.

In an interview, after presenting his Water Plan, the standard-bearer of the Let’s Keep Making History coalition mentioned that he did not manage a budget contrary to the licensed municipal president who managed more than 6 billion pesos.

“Why am I answering to the gentleman, if I have my assets declaration, let him take the trouble, I think they do know how to use the internet, let him investigate how it is. “I did not manage 6 billion or put the municipality in debt or do the water privatization business and I have nothing to hide and we will see whatever you want.”

Armenta Mier said that if she wanted she could invite him to her house, since she has lived in Estrellas del Sur for a year.

“We could do a media tour of the bread man’s house and my house so they can see where the ball was.”

In the end, he assured that there is a state election, but in charge of the Puebla city council, which is distributing blue water tanks in various parts of the capital.

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