World Armed conflict between two hostile families: 2 dead, 7...

Armed conflict between two hostile families: 2 dead, 7 injured, 21 detentions!


A dispute broke out between two hostile families in Kural District of the Birecik district of Şanlıurfa. The growing debate with the involvement of relatives of the two families turned into armed conflict.

Health teams, gendarmerie special operations and special operations police were dispatched to the region due to the conflict between the houses. Gendarmerie Provincial Regiment Commander Eyyüp Sabri Kirişçi and Provincial Police Chief Selçuk Doğuş came to stop the parties in the neighborhood where the conflict took place.

2 people lost their lives

Health crews, who could enter the neighborhood after the cease to stop, took 9 injured to Birecik State Hospital. Mehmet Uysal and Abdurrahim Dirier, who were injured in treatment, lost their lives despite all the efforts of the doctors.

The lifeless bodies of Uysal and Dirier were taken to the Şanlıurfa Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy. The health status of the 7 injured patients, who were ongoing treatment, was reported to be good.


Receiving the news of the conflict, Şanlıurfa Governor Abdullah Erin came to Birecik District Governorate and received information about the incident.

21 people under custody

Gendarmerie detained 21 people, who started to work to catch suspects involved in the conflict by taking extensive security measures in the neighborhood. The teams seized 5 automatic rifles, 2 shotguns and 5 pistols in the search made by the suspects in their homes. The teams that seized the weapons took the suspects to the District Gendarmerie Command.

The teams are continuing security measures to avoid a second incident in the neighborhood. DHA

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