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Presenter and comedian Arjen Lubach paid attention to online gambling on his TV show De Avondshow. He jokingly criticized Dutch gambling companies and their role in the world of football.

Arjen Lubach spent his program on Monday evening The evening show attention to the Dutch gambling market. Lubach did this after publishing the data after a year legal online gambling in our country. The Gaming Authority (Ksa) shared last week that the Dutch in the first half of the year they have played almost half a billion.

In the article, Lubach takes a critical look at the relationship between the world of football and the gambling industry. A week ago, also the parliamentarians Mirjam Bikker (ChristenUnie) and Michiel van Nispen (SP) waiting for the close ties between the two industries. The parliamentarians did so after the news that the Association for Contract Players (VVCS) new campaign against match-fixing launched in collaboration with Unibet in Casino Holland.

marginal idiots

In the entry Arjen Lubach discusses the links between the world of football and the website with his regular partner Diederik Smit. When asked why football plays such an important role in the gambling industry, the answer is simple, according to the men: football attracts people. According to Lubach, football attracts a relatively large number of people vulnerable to gambling addiction. Randy’s idiots, that’s what he calls them Smit.

Football is the number one sport in the Netherlands and it is one of the three sports (football, basketball, tennis) that most people bet on in the Netherlands. However, sports betting isn’t the biggest when it comes to revenue. Data from the Gaming Authority shows that casino games are responsible for 73% of online casino revenue. About a quarter of the turnover comes from gambling in sports matches. This share is expected to grow in the coming months ahead of the WK 2022 in Qatar.

A notable part of the object concerns the bets placed by the Dutch. According to Diederik Smit, the Dutch are betting on the craziest things:

“There is not only a bet on the result, but also when the first throw-in or the first yellow card arrives”.

Diederik Smit on Arjen Lubach’s The Evening Show

The bets mentioned by Smit in the object cannot be placed in the Netherlands. This is possible with illegal suppliers. Since the introduction of the Remote Gaming Act (Koa) to be allowed to bookmaker do not offer such bets to Dutch players:

Since the introduction of the law, it is no longer allowed cards and corners to bet. According to policy makers, these bets are too easy to be influenced by a single player. Something that led to criticism from Dutch sports bettors, after which this a sent a letter to the Chamber of Deputies.

Gambling advertising and sponsorship by gambling companies

Another topic criticized by Lubach is the advertising of gambling in the Netherlands. For example, show an excerpt from the ad for BetCity with Andy van der Meijde and Wesley Sneijder. After explaining that this ad was no longer allowed thanks to the role model banshow the new ad with Randy, Lesley and Japie. In this game the Superfan Exactly after the Andy and Wesley commercial.

Next, the actors playing the Superfans are highlighted and Lubach jokingly draws the conclusion that they are now famous Dutch and are therefore no longer allowed to star in gambling ads. The legislator has already taken this situation into account when drafting the ban on the use of role models. In the regulation introducing the ban on the use of role models, this situation was described as follows:

“It is also not excluded that previously unknown persons gain public fame by acting in (gaming) advertising and are therefore seen as role models over time and therefore are no longer allowed to appear in gambling advertisements. Practice will show where the turning point is. “

Regulation 3982479 of April 26, 2022 of the Minister of Legal Protection, amending Article 4 of the Gambling Regulations regarding recruitment, advertising and addiction prevention

One way to advertise gambling companies such as a well-known Dutchman is to play football on a Dutch football team, concludes the presenter. Where famous Dutch models and Dutch are not allowed to advertise gambling companies, football players are still allowed to play football with a gambling company logo on their shirts. The presenter and his right hand have little understanding for this. However, they still see opportunities for Andy van der Meijde:

“So if Andy van der Meijde wants to advertise gambling again, then it doesn’t have to be a role model – but it feels like a gateway to me – or get back in shape and get back to basics.”

Arjen Lubach

Also for the sponsorship of sports clubs of online casino has already been banned. This ban will take effect on January 1, 2025, although the legal sustainability of this prohibition was contested by the two trade associations in the Netherlands. Even the KNVB opposes the ban because it would save sport 70 million euros a year. If such a ban were to come, it would still not have to fall in the middle of a season, the football federation noted during the consultation.

This is not the first time that Arjen Lubach has criticized the gambling policy in the Netherlands and its enforcers. In a transmission of his program Sunday with Lubach in December 2019, the comedian was one of the first to question the Koning TOTO-campaign of the Dutch lottery. That transmission caused questions about the room.

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