Arib files a complaint against conspiracy thinkers who attacked Omtzigt

The chairman of the Lower House, Khadija Arib, has reported conspiracy thinkers who pursued and threatened CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt on Thursday. Which reports newspaper Trouw.

The attackers of Omtzigt wanted attention for typical conspiracy theorist topics such as the ‘deep state’, satanic child abuse and the distance of a meter and a half. They also made threats: “I will kill you, you moron.”

At least among the people who pursued Omtzigt were some followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory. People who believe in this false theory think Trump is engaged in a battle with an elite of satanic child molesters.

The most famous Dutch QAnon supporter is rapper Lange Frans. He recently discussed the theory extensively with ‘crop circle expert’ Janet Ossebaard. In addition, Lange Frans and Ossebaard also fantasized about the murder of Prime Minister Rutte.

This week refused US President Trump to distance himself from the QAnon ideology. When asked by a journalist what he thought of the theory that he would save the world from pedophiles and cannibals, Trump replied, “Is that good or bad? If I can save the world by solving problems, I am willing to do so. ”

FBI investigations qualify supporters of QAnon as a potential terrorist threat. QAnon supporters are also threatening politicians in the US. A QAnon believer is additionally held responsible for the murder of a mob boss. Trump believes the QAnon supporters “love our country”.

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