Patrizia Pellegrino talks about his daughter Arianna during the 25th episode of Big Brother Vip. “It’s gorgeous, it makes me very angry. She is a special daughter. I fought a lot for her, after every operation I had her undergo to overcome certain disabilities. I knew that she was a warrior and I fought with her, but after each operation she would look me in the eyes and say ‘mom I hate you don’t accept me for who I am’, but in reality we moms want the good for our sons.” revealed the woman. So he added: “For me she is perfect”. Here then comes the surprise of the daughter, a letter that reads: “hello mom, I am close to you and I am proud of you. I know perfectly well that the decision to join the GF was not an easy one, but mum come on. I am sure that your companions will discover you and see in you a fantastic woman who has been next to me, even if we fight we are always there for each other. I am with you, indeed we are all with you “. (Update by Anna Montesano)

Patrizia Pellegrino and the relationship with her daughter Arianna

There are so many dramas with which Patrizia Pellegrino he had to reckon with throughout his existence. Among the many pains experienced by the soubrette there are also those concerning the health conditions of the daughter Arianna, affected from birth by one severe and rare disease. In an interview with Domenica Live, before joining the Big Brother VIP, Patrizia Pellegrino had reconstructed the difficulties of her daughter, now twenty-two and healthy despite everything.

“When I got pregnant, there was a big problem. At six months, in the ultrasound they discover that he had a very rare and serious disease and that he would never have walked ”, his words. Despite the illness, Arianna tried to live her life in the best way. An attitude and a mental approach of which mum Patrizia is proud: “She is very tough, much more than me. After her birth she wanted to live and she never stopped ”.

Patrizia Pellegrino, the illness of her daughter Arianna: “Today she is very independent, she is my joy”

“My daughter never stopped in front of any difficulty”, said Patrizia Pellegrino of Arianna’s will to live “who now walks even if she takes a few steps”. In any case, Patrizia is happy because her daughter has become a very independent girl: “She is very happy. My daughter is my greatest joy, smartest, smartest and sexiest. If he is constant in physiotherapy, he will improve. It will be able to be more and more autonomous ”, the words of the soubrette.

Patrizia Pellegrino’s daughter was also present in that guest at D’orso, who had spent words of honey for her mother: “But we don’t always get along, because I need my space”, the nice and punctual clarification of Arianna.


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