Arguments over granddaughter intensify! Lipavská says: ‘I am convinced that money plays a role in Margit’s ‘grandfather’

Some might say it’s a good thing Hanka Zagorová didn’t live to see it. The case of Štefan Margita (66) and little Adelinka’s grandmother, Zuzana Lipavská (59), begins to assume enormous proportions. Lipavská was supposed to accuse Margita of stealing her family, including her granddaughter, and currently she claims the singer was playing grandfather for money!

When Štefan Margita spoke on the show Show time at Christmas and his adopted niece Adeline, he had no idea what an uproar his words would cause.

Zuzana Lipavská got so angry that she decided to write a Facebook post accusing Margita of stealing her family and her granddaughter, as we wrote here. It is said that thanks to him she did not have the opportunity to spend the closest Christmas with them, because they preferred the singer.

“I have no words. Not even Hanka lived to see it. This shame would surely have killed her” stated for lighting bolt Lipavská, who is the child’s blood grandmother, but Štefan and Hanka have acted as grandparents since the girl’s birth.

“It’s sad that even if you treat someone like family, you get smacked like crazy for it. I think that Lipavská had and has no reason to behave this way. If she came, I’d make her coffee and we’d definitely talk about it in peace.” Štefan said in his defense, who is still surprised by the woman’s reaction.

Lipava’s reaction, however, turned him around. “Mr. Margita make me a coffee and chat with me? Please, we’ve already explained everything – and how did it turn out? I lost my daughter and granddaughter” added the woman, who had been labeled mentally ill by her daughter Barbara. For this reason, Lipavská defended her by saying that she doesn’t drink or get hysterical, she only deals with her stolen family.

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“I am convinced that money plays a role in Margit’s ‘grandfather’, continued Lipavská. “I think one example is enough for everyone. I remember very well how my daughter told me that Margita had decided to transfer the suite in Málaga to my niece. Well, does that seem normal to you? She shouldn’t even consider it and they should categorically refuse it. I’m ashamed for them!” he added at the end. However, it’s strange why you don’t want an inheritance for your family…

We will see what the reactions of the main actors will be.

Source: Blesk, Facebook, Showtime

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