News Argument over the mask in Illinois

Argument over the mask in Illinois


An Illinois woman faces disorderly charges after being aggressive and making racist statements in a Home Depot warehouse simply because another customer asked her to wear a face covering.

The accused, Teri Hill, also threatened to cough and spit on the victim, Sydney Waters, last Friday, according to ABC News.

It all started when the woman approached an employee to complain that other customers of the McHenry store, northwest of Chicago, were not wearing a mask, when she herself had removed her cover. -visage to challenge him.

Sydney Waters, another client who was with the employee, asked him to put on his mask, but his remark did not pass at all.

“She didn’t like being told that, she tore off her mask, she got carried away and said she was going to spit in my face that she was going to cough on me,” said Sydney Waters at ABC News.

The victim took out his cell phone to film what was going on as evidence. The other client gave her a finger of honor and started to make racist comments.

“I believe in white power,” said the person now accused.

Sydney Waters tried to film the face of Teri Hill, but things got worse.

There is a scuffle and Waters said the two ended up on the ground.

Police arrived and after viewing the video, arrested Teri Hill.


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