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Argentinian MP suspended after kissing woman’s breasts

Ameri’s action could be seen as another member of the House of Commons delivered a speech on a large video screen set up in the parliament building. The screen also showed other representatives of the people who attended the parliament session from home due to the corona virus.

Session suspended

House of Commons chairman Sergio Massa stopped the session after seeing Ameri’s act. Not much later, parliament was suspended.

“These past months of working remotely, we’ve had multiple incidents where delegates fell asleep or someone was hiding,” said Massa. “But today we have had a situation where the boundaries of this House have really been crossed.”

Poor connection

Ameri, who is from the northeastern province of Salta, tried to apologize after the incident and said he thought he and his partner were not in the picture. “The connection here in the center of the country is very bad,” said the MP. Ameri added that his partner had recently received breast implants and asked how she was doing at the time.

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