Argentine television talks about Juan Carlos I like this: they describe his attitude in two words


El Doce TV program.

The channel The twelve Argentine television has addressed in recent days the riots that occurred in Spain due to the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél, convicted of, among other reasons, his lyrics against the emeritus king, Juan Carlos I.

The international analyst did it Claudio Fantini, who after explaining the reasons why Hasél ended up in prison and what is happening in the streets of the country, the program, spoke about the figure of the former head of the Spanish State.

And he did it with this forcefulness:

“In these same days, the Bourbon king, attacked, mocked, insulted in those songs that, in short, are just that, songs; it is enjoying impunity and freedom in Dubai, when every day ultra-million dollar accounts, offshore companies in tax havens are discovered in Swiss banks. In other words, a king who is showing stains of corruption everywhere. An emeritus king, today the Crown is in the hands of his son Felipe VI. But the king for whom this young rapper was imprisoned every day gives news in the courts for his acts of corruption. ”

Later, Fantini assured that the emeritus is “protected by the emir Al Maktoum”, Father of Princess Latifa, who claimed to have been held by her father.

“That emir is the one who is protecting this king who every day gives news of an oceanic corruption”, defined Fantini in relation to the practices of the emeritus before assuring that he believes that “we may be seeing the beginning of the end of the Spanish monarchy ”.

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The video, shared on Twitter by the user @Ann_Mass_paris, has gone viral:

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